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Thread: Virgin Wii , bought in 2008, no internet connection...HELP!

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    Ca Virgin Wii , bought in 2008, no internet connection...HELP!

    i'm very new to the idea of hacking our wii...not even sure which version our wii is (if you know how to figure that out that would be very much appreciated ..haha)

    what we are looking to do is play downloaded games (from a torrent website) on our wii ...i've read a bit ....and i'm not sure really how to go about it ...we dont have our wii hooked up to the internet sd card slot in our PC .. but we have a dvd burner ??

    Thanks for anythign you can contribute!!

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    click the big tutorials button at the top, read the tutorials.

    You WILL need a way of writing files to an SD card.


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