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Thread: disc update. worried about bricking.

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    disc update. worried about bricking.

    hi guys/gals,
    i have a chipped wii, which i never connect to the internet. i bought wii fit plus and the wii board. when i put the disc in the wii it says i have to do an update. will this brick my wii and render it useless??
    can i get a hacked update from the forum or somewhere on the net that wont kill off my wii.

    i am totaly new to this stuff so havent got a clue about usb or homebrew stuff.

    realy desperate as i want to use the wii board.

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    Unless you softmod, the disk update is your only option.
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    Quote Originally Posted by oddgriffin View Post
    Unless you softmod, the disk update is your only option.
    i know this is probably a stupid question for the forum but, what do i do and how do i softmod.
    bear in mind i am new to the wii hacking stuff.
    what programs do i need to download and how do i install them?

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    click on the big button at the top that says tutorials!

    or click the links in my sig.


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