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Thread: Bootmii boot2 message

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    Bootmii boot2 message


    I previously had Bootmii installed as IOS and in the hackmii menu below "Install bootmii as IOS" it said "Uninstall bootmii as IOS".

    I just installed bootmii as boot2 and it said it was successful, but below "Install bootmii as boot2" it does not have the uninstall option. Does this mean that it has not installed correctly? Or is this just normal.

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    You have to prepare your sd card then once you did that you should have a bootmii folder in the root once you done put your sd card in and you wii should load bootmii as boot2 if not then take out the disk in your wii then the light should flash once slowly then really fast 2 times if that doers not happen thaen you did not install boot2 succesfully.


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