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Thread: Problem injecting N64 ROMS to a VC WAD

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    Problem injecting N64 ROMS to a VC WAD

    I'm trying to inject an N64 ROM into a VC WAD using Auto Injectuwad. I have z64 versions of N64 ROMS I'd like to inject, but when I inject a ROM and install the WAD, the game hangs at the "You will need a classic controller" screen on the Wii, meaning the ROM didn't even start. Since Auto Injectuwad injected the z64 just fine, I figured I wouldn't have any problems. I've seen videos of N64 games running from injection, but I need details. Are z64 ROMs compatible with N64 VC WADs? Or do I need an n64 or v64 file? Because it's next to impossible to find n64 or v64 files without downloading them in a set via a torrent.

    Or is there a byteswapper that will convert to and from these formats? I've looked all over Google for byteswappers/converters but didn't find anything. Help with this would be much appreciated!

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    why not get them in wad format and install using wad manager

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    Nevermind, looks like I did in fact get it to work with the LoZ: OoT ROM. It's a z64 as well and it ran just fine. I guess Starcraft 64 just doesn't work with the emu.

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    Angry Similar Problem

    I am having troubles as well using a similar inject program.
    I'm not sure if only .v64 games work well, but that may be the case, as it's worked with DukeNukem.v64, Rampage.v64, and Zelda OoT.v64

    When trying to install the same in z64 and n64 formats, they lock up at the "You need classic controller"

    I tried using a conversion tool from Main Page - Underground Gamer, and converted all my .n64 to .v64.

    Still, these converted files lock up, as I have tried Blast Corps, Goldeneye, Banjo-Kazooie, and All-Star Baseball '99.

    I will continue testing ALL games and use the (few) working .v64 ROMS as a torrent upload to Demonoid and BitSoup

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    can you say me where i cand find the best n64 emulator for wii?

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    Quote Originally Posted by kolinlim View Post
    can you say me where i cand find the best n64 emulator for wii?
    There are a few possibilities here.

    The easiest way is to futureproof your homebrew by downloading the homebrew internet browser. A README.txt file is included with the .zip file along with the .boot and .elf. install like you would any other application.

    The HomeBrew Browser lets you download, delete, and update applications, such as homemade games and yes, EMULATORS!

    Sadly, the current emulators are buggy and tend to crash with many games, ESPECIALLY with n64. you are better off playing them on your computer for now, as it is a hassle. In any case, here is the link.
    File Details-Homebrew-Browser-v0.2.1a-Wii-Homebrew -

    Otherwise, visit QJ.NET - QuickJump Home - Nintendo Wii News - QJ.NET and search around for any other applications you need.

    Good luck!

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    I forgot to mention, don't forget to put everything in an APPS folder on the root of your SD card.

    And BTW, im praying that you have already gone through the Twilight Hacks

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    We have a great Homebrew guide right here on WiiHacks. Please check it out


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