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Thread: Can I brick proof even tho I already softmod'ed?

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    Can I brick proof even tho I already softmod'ed?

    Hey there, I have a couple of questions that i couldn't find in the other post's.. I asked earlier about installing a .wad game for wiiware (Bomberman) and was told to use a preloader first to protect againsn't bricking it.. So that got me thinking, Wow, I really should read up more on being able to protect my wii incase something nasty harms it, So I did a search on preloader.. But as I did that I found some post's on using bootmii as boot2, which I couldn't understand... My Wii has been softmod'ed with 4.2, has the HBC channel and everything and I have about 15 games working great. So I go into my HBC channel and click home, there's bootmii (One post said I could go into it and make a back up) So I click on that and my screen goes black and just sits there with the dvd light blinking forever.. So I restarted the wii and start looking again.. So Im confused about preloader Vs bootmii as boot2.. I would just like to know what I should do, and does it matter that I already have my wii softmod'ed.. It sounds like the bootmii to boot2 is the ultimate in protection? or is preloader just as good?

    Also, Do I need addition files to work wiware games, it sounded like I did on other ports but im not sure If i already have them installed from softmod'ing it.. Or can I just install the .wad files using .wad manager, After I do the bootmii or preloader thing?

    A friend softmod'ed my system so that why im confused as to adding more files or not. He used one of the wii 4.2 guides from another site.

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    I can basically answer all those questions for you. First off when ever dealing with a softmodded wii, you should always have bootmii and preloader installed. I only have bootmii installed since I have starfall instead of preloader (but thats nothing you need to worry about. Preloader when installed sets itself before the system menu so if you ever brick, you can still enter preloader which can then take you to the homebrew channel (totally bypassing the wii system menu) to where you can use wad manager and any other program you need to unbrick your console. Preloader can also be set up to bypass/block disc updates (which you need to do) and also depending on the firmware you are using it can also block full system updates which is very bad for softmodded wiis. Bootmii on the other hand is a program that can also unbrick you. It can be installed as 2 ways: boot2 (which is the best way) or an ios. I was able to install mine as boot2 so I know nothing about ios. If you bought your wii prior to october of 2008, you would be able to install bootmii as a boot2. When installed as a boot2, you can backup your nand files (basically the "guts" files for your wii) and have it saved onto an sd card. If you ever brick, simply pop in that sd card which will start up bootmii on power on and then transfer your nand from sd card back to your wii. Really you would only need bootmii if you had a full brick. Theres other bricks (banner bricks) which doesnt hurt your entire system and can easily be fixed without needing bootmii. Dealing with wiiware games, you will need certain ios' in order to get those to run. You can find out more on this site maybe in the tutorial section. There is also a thread on here that has all the wiiware and VC to date which you can downoad for free. They get installed via wad manager. Hope this has helped and if so, press the "thanks" button.
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    My Wii is about 2 weeks old, So im guessing I can't do the bootmi as boot2 thing? Are there any other ways of fully protecting my wii? Or is using preloader my best/only option? I dont know where to download these files either, I have browsed through the post's but some are old so im not sure if those are the newest files, Can anyon point me in the direction of the preloader file?

    Also, The bootmii, I have that showing on my homebrew channel when I hit the home button, But then the screen goes black, Does that mean I should install the ios, Would I then be able to make a backup? IM stil not sure what that is but im guessing that will let me do a back up? Thanks for the info btw, I really do appreciate it.

    Also, Not sure if this matters, But my wii wont read burnt DVD's, So I just use the usb loader GX, Will that take care of the games trying to update my firmware?

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    Since your wii is new, it probably has that chip in it that wont allow your drive to read burnt games. Thats fine though since you can still use a HDD and usb loader gx. I honestly dont think that will prevent disc updates though. You should still install preloader though and set it up to not allow disc updates. Then it will just bypass that screen. Just remember that you still will need to install some ios if you dont have them installed already. If a game gives you a blue error 002 screen or a black screen freeze, then your missing the ios needed for that game. Anyways, yes you would need to install bootmii as an ios. I think it installs as ios254. Youll have to find more information on here about that. To get downloads for those programs and many more homebrew fun stuff, go go google and search for "homebrew channel applications" and click on your very first result.
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    sorry if I sound stupid here, But does the homebrew channel already have the bootmii box there by default? I just ask because there is a bootmii box to click!? Or do I still need to find the ios for it to make it work ok (As it just goes to blank screen right now)

    As for th IOS files, I seen you need certain ones for certain games, How to you install them? Using the wad manager aswell? And will it do anything to install a bunch with out over writing some critical files? (Yup, im a bit nervous, hehe) or will it do no harm to install 5-6 ios files to run certain .wad games and that?

    Oh, one last thing, for the bootmii, Do I just search for that ios254? thats the file I need to get bootmii working so I can make a backup copy of my wii?

    Thanks for your patience with me! hehe =)

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    Bootmi would have been installed with hackmi installer when you installed the homebrew channel. You need the bootmi folder on the sd card to access it.
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    I just noticed I had another program on the homebrew channel (Dop-IOS) when I go into it, its shows a bunch of ios's, One is ios36 which i think is needed for bomerman, But to the right it shows currently installed with V3351 below that as if its already installed.. I looked for ios254 and its there too, and says currently installed v31338, for the description below it said "PatchMii prevention stub, useless) Does that mean its already installed? I just need to get the right files needed back on to the SD card? (I did format the SD card after it was all done being softmod'ed)

    ON some of the IOS's it says "none" under currently installed (like IOS222) so Im guessing most are loaded already?

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    Update, I put the bootmii forder back onto the sd card along with the other files (My softmod process had a 3 parter to it with 3 sets or rared files to be put on the sd step by step, the 2nd being the files with the bootmii folder) So I copied all the files back to the sd card, load up the homebrew channel click bootmii and Bam, loads up, But it loaded into Wad manager v1.4, then gives me the options to install some of the wad's I had in the apps folder of the sd card.. So im guessing something went wrong here, Any idea's?

    ** Newest and last update**

    I got bootmii working, First installed preloader, changed the setings so it wont disk update or system update, Im even making a NAND backup as we speak. I do see like 6 bad blacks tho out of all the greens, Hope thats normal as I belive I seen that posted somewhere else. So now I have a back up of my "Guts" and can install some wiiwar .wad files with out worrying about my Wii going Boom?

    I think im all set now, UNless anyone sees something Im missing, But if that is everything, A big thank you to All!
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