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Thread: Help Stripped Screws!!!

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    Exclamation Help Stripped Screws!!!

    I stripped a screw in my wii and now i cant get in to install my modchip!! where can i get new screws? anyone have any ideas?

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    OH man.. that's sucks..
    Are you trying to open the case or close it?
    I would try using a bit bigger screw driver.. With a drill at slow speed..
    Then hopefully the stripped screw would come out.. "just an idea"
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    If you don't mind me asking, if you were about to install your modchip, then why were your screws stripped?

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    lol, i have the d2pro modchip which killed my dvd drive. tyring to figure out why the dvd/games werent loading i installed and unistalled the modchip a few times. its a modchip issue so i uninstalled it until i found out how to fix the modchip to work with my dvd player. during the install and unistall i stripped one of the screws inside by the dvd player. I found out i need to solder a point on the chip and it should be fine. I have to reinstall it and see if my fix worked...problem is i stripped the screw and cant get back in without doing more damage

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    i know this is kinda strange but call this number it is a infomercial thing that gets out any stripped screw 1-800-630-8563 the name of the thing is called a Grab-it
    Brawl Code:0001-2983-9417

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    Maybe he's trying to take the tri-wing screws with regular screw driver that why his screw got strip.


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