heyy im not sure if this problem has been answerd in another thread but im from australia so i use the PAL Band Hero and Guitar Hero 5. My wii firmware is 4.0e.
wen i load either game from my hdd using configurable usb loader it just goes into a black screen and never loads...is there a way to fix it? Guitar Hero World Tour works fine though...

also another minor problem, whenever i want to change games after I've finished playing a game, I have to turn off my wii and turn it back on before the 2nd game works...when i load games it tells me the problem Note: CIOS249 before rev14: Possible error #001 is not handled. Note: you are using CIOS 249 rev 13: To quit game you must reset or power off the wii before you start another game or it will hand there! Is there a way to fix this as well?