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Thread: Wii NAND restore

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    Talking Wii NAND restore

    I've been searched everywhere about Wii NAND restore and I still don't get a straight information and solution about my questions :

    Is it possible to restore NAND backed up from one console to another ?
    What exactly does BootMii_Keyfix.exe do for NAND and Key files?

    I saw my friend done his exploite for his Wii like Neogamar, BootMii, Usb_loader, Priiloader..... But I don't have enough knowledge to do like him.
    So I think it is better for me to use his NAND backup on my console.

    Is there any solution about that?

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    There is a program out there which allows you to make NAND backups generic if you like, cant remember the name of it off the top of my head but will try find it.

    There are plenty of very good guides on here which would walk you through softmodding your Wii which would be a better option for you.
    In the unlikely event I have managed to help you out be sure to say thank you!

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