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Thread: Problems Loading Games

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    Problems Loading Games

    Hello. I'm quite new in this wii world, but I already installed the USB Loader sucessefully in my console. But i'm having a few problems now. With time some of the games stop loading. I didn't do nothing the damage the disc, I only put more games inside. Can someone please explain to me what's happening? There is any way to recover the Games that are inside the disc? I can access the disc without any problem. Just have loading problems? Thanks in advance. Sorry about my english, it's not my native language.

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    Hi Bud The Only Time I've Had HDD problems. Is When I have Put Too Many games on the drive. USB drive is Full. I use CFG loader 60 cios249 rev 20 4.1 e running NTSC & PAL games From 20.00 cheap Hard drive Formatted to Fat32. All the info is on this site, You may have to spend time reading. Good luck.
    PS I use many USB Drives From different suppliers


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