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Thread: Cannot Read Disc Error

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    Cannot Read Disc Error

    I downloaded Harvest Moon:Animal Parade and Formula One 2009.
    Harvest Moon is NTSC and Formula One is PAL.
    I used WiU 1.1 to remove the patches on both and changed Formula One from PAL to NTSC.
    Burned them to DVD-R using ImageBurn at 4x speed.
    When I loaded Formula One with NeoGamma R8 beta 15.
    It was in black and white and off the screen. Then I forced it to video NTSC 480i and it was normal.
    However, before I got to the menu screen of the game, this error came up:

    Cannot Read Disc.
    Refer to Wii Operations Manual.

    This also occurred with Harvest Moon.
    Although this time, it loaded the game and went through the CG scenes at the beginning.
    But when you are about to play, the error comes up.

    Is this just bad ISO files I downloaded, or am I burning them wrong, or is there another APP/WAD that can play these?


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    Try Verbatim media and slower burn if possible.
    Not really doing much Wii stuff these days.

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    I get this error on No More Heroes, does this mean it is a bad burn?


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