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Thread: Need to know purchasing hard drive for WII

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    Need to know purchasing hard drive for WII


    I just need to ask in refrence to my WII. I am planning to buy external hard drive to play all my games from my hard drive but I am not sure what specification apply to buy for that hard drive FOR EXAMPLE any storage size limitation apply or any recommende brand

    Thanks in advance

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    You can use this website to refer to. It tells you which External Devices are compatible with the Nintendo Wii.

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    I can give you a reletive idea based on what i have done. PPL have been getting the terrabyte drives lately because they are so cheap for the amount of space you get. i put 23 game iso files on it and it wasn't quite 60gig. so they got alot of room left for whatever they want i guess. Just about anything western digital should work.


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