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Thread: usb hdd not working

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    usb hdd not working

    after following instructions on the forums i installed usb loader gx and put super smash bros brawl and re4. It worked after a dozen retries but when brawl asked me if i wanted to create a save profile i backed out to the menu and now every time i try to go back into usb loader it gives me your usb drive is slow and boots me after 30 sec. I didnt change anything so why is it no longer accepting my hdd
    by the way im using a 500gb seagate hdd fat32
    wii version 4.1

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    Usually a sign that it is plugged into the wrong port.
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    Make sure the inside doesn't look like the one I just bought:

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    Nevermind guys im using uloader and it seems that i have been able to play games using that execpt for super smash bros brawl it freezes after i win a round
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    The port should be the USB port closest to the edge of the Wii.
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