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Thread: i got a nintendo wii new years eve 2009

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    Us i got a nintendo wii new years eve 2009

    ok i got a wii december 31 2009. . . .can i hack it so i can play nintendo wii iso???. . .i hope theres a chance of this wii i bought it with 200 dollars. . . .i heard it can play burnt dvds. . . can i hack the dvd chip to make it work. . . i need assistance kinda new to this stuff.. . . i got hombrew channel on it at least but when i installed bootmii it only installed the ios . . . so anyone out there. . . help would be much appreciated.. . . God bless . . . .

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    From what I've read and been told the new Nintendo Wii's (atleast most of them) can't play backups from the DVD Drive. But you can play .iso backups just fine. If you followed the guide on this site then you should have everything you need, also being only able to install bootmii on ios is normal.

    If you want to play iso backups you need to install USB Loader GX or similar which is included in this guide

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    ok one more question. . . i am now aware i cannot play burned nintendo wii games but. . . i think i already hacked my wii. got the homebrew channel alittle complications with installting bootmii because i could only install it with the ios but i have already modified it at least i think i thinking of buying an external harddrive . . . i heard u can play games off of there which i think is better. . . but in any case . . .how can i play the games on external hardrive???

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    you seriously need a week in the reading room. did you look for any answers. click the link in hypedblanks last response to you.

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    oh my bad. . .found it thanks. . .God bless u

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    sorry didnt want to open an unnecessary thread so posting my questiong here:-
    as i also have a new wii,which cannot play backups thurgh dvds but it wrks fine on usb but as im going to give it to my cousins who arent computer literate so i was thinking if there was some way like for e.g buying a dvd drive and replacing it with the one inside so they can play burned dvds

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    You can replace the drive controller PCB with one purchased from a non D3-2 Wii. I'm not sure if the drive itself needs replacing or just the PCB.
    Not really doing much Wii stuff these days.

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    drive controller PCB?? dnt no what that is?


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