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Thread: Complete n00bie... a couple of questions

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    Complete n00bie... a couple of questions

    I have a DMS wii and just bought what i think is the D2pro (I thought i was buying the D2pro9, but i wouldn't be able to tell the difference anyways)...
    my d2pro doesn't have the extra crap soldered onto the corner like i've seen on the pictures of the d2pro9...

    First of all are either of these modchips compatible with the DMS wii?
    I saw on D2pro's website that it is DVD upgradable, but i saw elsewhere that it was not...

    What the heck am i supposed to do with this ribbon that came with it?
    and is there an actual installation guide for it besides the one picture on

    any assistance would be GREATLY appreciated...

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    you are a little to confisued.

    1.) there are now 4 different d2pro's
    i) origional d2pro (15 wire install and only d2c wii)
    ii) origional d2pro + SPI addon (9 wire install which can be updgraded by dvd if you have firmware 1.1b all wii drives except d2c2)
    iii) d2pro9 v1 which is the same as ii but it already comes soldered by the manfacture (same as ii)
    iv) d2pro9 v2 which is the same as iii but works on all wii drives including d2c2

    so if you just have the regualr d2pro you can buy the spi addon to make it d2pro9, but you may aswell have a d2pro9, Is there a black square chip near the top like this? this ribbion cable is used to update the chip before 1.1b the only way to update the chip wa with the ribbion cable.


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