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Thread: internet channel question?

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    internet channel question?

    i have 4.0u soft modded wii i load games throw the gsx loader and am wondering how to get the internet channel what is throwing me off is that i read dont update my wii but i cannot find the tut on getting the internet channel for my version without updating. i would really like to use this channel so if anyone could point me to the thread that can help me i would appreciate it

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    this is simple, u just install internet channel as .WAD with wad manager.
    If u used the "New 3.1-4.1 Softmod for ANY Wii" tutorial, u should have noticed the "OPTIONAL" stuff at the end. One of them was "Install the Internet Channel - NTSC-U, PAL or NTSC-J" so just pick ur version ntsc-u.


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