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Thread: mods are jerks, i need help, they shut me down. if you care to help PM me please ty.

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    mods are jerks, i need help, they shut me down. if you care to help PM me please ty.

    okay for the third, im looking for assistance.

    this site is supposed to be about knowledge? well i ask a question i cant find the answer to manually, only to have the thread closed 5 minutes afterwords. thats bullcrap, and if i dare ask the question a second time, ill get banned, so im supposed to keep my mouth shut and not learn anything? fake ass community this is, or just the jerks modding it. im not familiar with technology that much, so dont close me out just help because i obviously cant find it searching through billions of posts.

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    All i know is you were advised to post your question in the thread with the guide that your question is relevant and specific to. If you don't want to do that, then don't but it would probably be faster to get a reply since ppl sit and wait for questions about that guide there.

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    Mods aren't jerks, they are shutting down your threads either because the problem has been resolved, it violates the rules or the question has already been answered on the site. So it's mostly your problem.
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    lol. search fail.

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    This site is about knowledge yet is filled with stupid people as I'm sure you've noticed.
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