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Thread: how to install IOS60?

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    how to install IOS60?

    im new, ive been following a guide..


    ..and so far been successful, im stuck at the part of installing IOS60-Patched, the author "Dogeggs" said to use Wad-Manager1.4 with IOS249 [249 was not in the zip he linked, typo?] to install IOS60-Patched... BUT the SanDisk directory [only enter-able option] in the Wad-Manager just leads to wad files with the only option being UN-INSTALL, Wad-Manager shows there is a IOS60-Patched.wad[1.9MB] in the SanDisk Directory. unless he meant installing with the CIOS installer i am completely lost lol.

    ive been following his guide without any errors up until this.
    im operating on a 3.4U [ntsc] USA WII. [came from store 3.4U]

    p.s. please dont "close" this thread after just 5 minutes, i really tried multiple searches on many engines and threads, just let this conversation go on k thanks.
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    I have no idea what you mean. use wad manager and select sd then a list will come up, scroll down to the wad folder and in it is the file. click it and install.

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    i go into wad manager, go to sd, and the list and other folders come up, the only thing i can do is "press A button to (un) install a wad file" or "press B button to select a device"

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    This is why people should post in the correct forum. I do know to what you are referring, but why did you not post in the tutorial thread? Mods and members familiar with the tutorial usually check there for posts.

    Why would you assume a typo in a tutorial that 100s of thousands of people have used is puzzling as is the presumption that your confusion has nver been reported in the tutorial thread. There is a tool at the top of the blue bar that will allow you to search just the thread.

    The tutorial step that confuses you: go to HBC, run Wad Manager, leave it at its default settings of IOS249 and SD card slot, If there is no default IOS249, then you did not perform Step 3 successfully and need to go back and to that. From Wad Mgr-select the line reading WAD-that is the Wad folder-it will open and now you will see IOS60patched.

    Post any additional questions about the softmod in the correct thread. Thread closed.
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