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Thread: Modded Wii, some backups work, others dont

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    Modded Wii, some backups work, others dont

    I Modded my DC2v2 Wii with a D2Pro9 and Wii Clip. All originals work perfectly fine (including SSBB).

    Backups of Mario Galaxy and Metroid Prime work
    Backups of SSBB, MarioKart Wii and Mario Party 8 don't work.

    All dvds burned at 4x (lowest I could) on Verbatim DVD+R set as DVD-ROM

    These discs just make a clicking sound, then I get the error message

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    download the config update 1.4 for the d2pro9 rev2 & you shall be all set..
    I had the same issues with SSBB (dual layer game) I didnt have that
    issue with any other single layer game though.. "weird.." good luck..


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