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Thread: SD and SDHC cards when following guides question...

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    SD and SDHC cards when following guides question...

    Hey guys.

    Unfortunately earlier today, when I unwrapped my Wii and finally got wireless to work, I installed the patch to 4.2u. Now from what I understand, since I have 4.2, my Wii can use SDHC cards (I have a 8 gig sandisk micro sd with the SD adapter).

    When I read all the guides for 4.2, it says copy x files to the root of your SD cards. Can I use a SDHC card instead of a SD cards in those guides since I have 4.2u or do I have to use a SD card.


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    Should be able to, why don't you try it and see since you already have it and know what to do.


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