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Thread: What to do with ISO before burning and using on modded Wii?

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    Question What to do with ISO before burning and using on modded Wii?

    ok, so once you have an ISO image of a Wii Game, what excatly do you do it before burning it and using it on a modded Wii and in which order?

    I have read about the following, let me know if my understanding is correct or not:

    Brick Blocker - Removes Wii Firmware updates from ISO

    RegionFrii - Makes ISO/Game Region free

    WiiFrii - ?

    Scrubber - Removes unneeded content from ISO

    Signed Games - ?

    Where do I find these tools? In which order should these tools be used?

    Regarding "Signed" games, I have read that particualar signed games will not work on FW 3.3u. So here some more questions:

    1) What is a Signed game?
    2) how do you know if a iso/game is signed?
    3) What do you need to do to ISO regarding Signed games?
    4) What else do need to know about signed games?


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    Which chip do you have in your Wii?
    If it's a NTSC ISO. then all u have to do is burn it & enjoy it..
    Now if you have a NTSC-J or PAL then u want to run the RegionFrii & BrickBlocker,
    patch the ISO.'s with those 2 tools & u r set.. now burn it & enjoy it!
    Google them & u'll find them..

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