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Thread: Weird black screens in with neogamma

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    Exclamation Weird black screens in with neogamma

    ok heres the deal.. i have 4.2u with neogamma 8b15 with rev 14 istalled and followed the great guide from messie on hacking a 4.2 wii and all went fine had no problems with it but now when i try and use the backuploader it will load the game give me a game id of the game that i burned then flash green and go to a black screen but the weird thing is in my system menu my regular wii disc channel is picking up the game and shows the banner for the band hero game so i tried it to load it thru there hit the start button and it told me to eject game and cut console off and contact nintendo LOL.... but i am really stumped on this with neogamma i mean its giving me the game id and i followed the tutorials so whats goin on some1 please help!!!

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    Neogamma never work for me I use USB Loader GX on my HDD /app folder load them from there press 1 on your Wii mot to get covers from here's a compress file you'll need have your HDD plug in the PC it will install it sulfe WiiTDB | Downloads read intractions .About the green screen there must be a corraupt file in the root config file or could be one of the last games.I hope this helps.

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    its not a total green screen it flashes for probably less than a second and goes to the black screen should i try reburning it or trying another game its the only game i have really tried cause they take so long to d/l i just wanted to see if i could get one to work before i spent all that time d/l all the games


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