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Thread: Best Sites to discover new music

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    Best Sites to discover new music

    For those of you who like to find new bands to listen to

    I just thought I'd share a few places that I found helpful in finding new bands to listen to!

    Last FM

    What I mainly like about Last FM is that all the music is streamed. You can pick and band you like and it will keep playing similar songs that match your genre.
    You can save songs to Favorites so when you log in, it will put a nice playlist together based on what you like!

    This site also allows you to stream songs, but the focus is centered on the songs that you pick. This allows you to log in and play your online playlist anywhere.

    Another nice playlist based site. This site gives you credits you can spend on songs, and allows you to upload your current songs and add them to your lala playlist.

    Let me know if you like any of these !:)

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    I enjoy using Pandora on my computer and my phone.

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    Ive used LAST FM before, very good site

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    Just looked at last fm!
    Nice one,thanks!

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    not sure how global this is but in the UK i use spotify
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