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Thread: Desperate for help

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    Desperate for help

    hi, im getting really frustrated trying to follow guides on how to set up homebrew gaming on my wii, just about all the guides are misleading or under-explained.

    i have wii version 3.4U [usa consol ntsc]
    i have the homebrew channel [not sure which version.. its from a hackmii package NOT the zelda method]

    now what do i need?

    the guides say im supposed to downgrade my 3.4U to a 3.2U so i can use "backup loader" to play burned WII games in WII CD drive. [WHICH IS ALL I AM LOOKING TO DO WITH MY WII]

    please help with simple step-by-step info, dont just post a link to a guide because those authors dont clearly define where you get what you need, and where you need to put it.

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    read the guides linked in my sig.

    Or ask whoever wrote the guides your reading.


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