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Thread: Problem: BootMii Nand Backup Frozen

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    Exclamation Problem: BootMii Nand Backup Frozen

    Thank you for reading first off. Hopefully this will be a simple answer , I had never backed up my Nand originally when i first soft modded and installed BootMii on my Wii, so just now i decided it might be a good idea. The process went fine until about 3/4 of the way through the Nand dump stopped. Now i have this nifty icon that tells me that i shouldn't turn off my Wii.
    I currently only had 5 bad block markers, and 3267MB of Free space. So what to do now is the question? I promise not to touch anything until you save the day with your answer
    Thanks for your help

    -Update, I realized that the program was running of the SD card, so i just reset the Wii. Had i been Writing data to the Nand that would have been a problem but not in this case.

    Problem solved by impatience.
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