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Thread: ISO's And the programs used

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    Us ISO's And the programs used

    I was wondering and doing some searching..

    after getting some iso's i've noticed that some of them are smaller and still in iso format.

    I am aware that you can use win scrubber to take out some "blank data" and then you can use RAr to compress and make it smaller in size.

    What programs or program would someone be useing to make a iso smaller without compressing it? or are there a set of tools that would help me in my quest to overcome large files to store on my HDD

    or are they just changing the extention from .rar to .iso since both would react in the same way?

    so show me some tools that i might need to make some iso's ...

    thanks in advance..

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    If you change the extension from .rar to .iso, your gonna have one dead game. You are supposed to use WinRAR to extract the RAR because the ISO is hidden inside the .rar file to make a smaller download size. And how the hell do you make an ISO smaller without compressing it?

    "make more compact by or as if by pressing; "compress the data"" - definition of compress
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