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Thread: New guy here : Question about WiiFlow and Homebrew channel

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    New guy here : Question about WiiFlow and Homebrew channel

    First off, I opened my Wii like 3 hours ago and when I finally made the wireless worked, I upgraded to 4.2u

    Ok first off from what I read, to use/install WiiFlow, I need the homebrew channel. Now I will try to look for a thread on WiiHacks which explains how to do this for 4.2u I know that I can use Bannerbomb v2 to install Homebrew. There is a guide here on how to install Bannerbomb here Bannerbomb - WiiBrew Is this guide ok? Do I really need Bannerbomb to install Homebrew Channel and is there a way I can brick my Wii doing it? (I will still do it, just want to know if there are any failsafe thing I can do before installing stuff).

    Second thing, I will recieve my 320 gb wd essensial HD monday which I will all format to the required format (don't remember it). Now I have a 8 gb micro SDHC card and with 4.2, the will can detect it. I think that I will have to install WiiFlow on my SD card. Can my card be an SDHC card or does it have to be an SD card even if I have 4.2?

    Thanks for all the input!

    This below was taken from a post yesterday and I wanted to keep it for when I will install WiiFlow when I get my HD.

    Quote Originally Posted by mowglixx View Post
    Hey i know what it feels like.

    Btw i have no experience with disc loading

    personal opinion=costs too much for the discs all the time

    i'm usingWiiFlow a usb loader with a stylish GUI and i have 30 full wii games in the space of aprox. 20GB....

    you are better off with usb loaders. so i'm going to teach you how to set one up...


    1. The boot.dol in the root, copy it to the apps folder in a folder of it's own just quickly...
    2. open the homebrew channel and load the hackmii installer you just copied to the apps folder.
    3. install bootmii as boot2...
    4. restart your wii and use a gamecube controller to select Backup.
    5. go and have a coffee and a chill while it backs up... then copy the folder "Bootmii" and the file "NAND.bin". to your pc in a folder called something like... "Brick Protection", and delete them off the SD Card
    6. Start the Homebrew Channel and Run DOP-IOS MOD. Press A to continue to the next screen. Go down once and select "Install an IOS that accepts fakesigning" and press A to continue.
    7. Leave the next option at IOS36 but press B.
    8. Choose Downgrade "IOS15"
    9. Choose Download IOS from NUS
    10. When that has finished Change the IOS to 15 and press A, NOT B!
    11. Now go in the IOS36 menu and leave the top option to 36 but change all the other things to YES
    12. when you've done this go to Install Patched IOS and Press A. and download from NUS again.
    13. When that has finished Choose IOS36 and press A.
    14. This time restore IOS15, and download from NUS.(just choose this in the future lol)
    15. when thats all done restart your wii.
    16. load up DOP-IOS MOD again and change the IOS to 36 and press A whilst the cursor is on the first option.
    17. go to remove Stub IOSs. Allow the App to remove the Stub IOSs by pressing A (you might have to do this by selecting the Stub IOSs Individually).
    18. back in the DOP-IOS menu, choose IOSs.
    19. Go right until you see IOS70 and press A th install v6687 of this IOS.
    20. press A to continue.
    21. Say yes to sign Hash check (press A).
    22. when done press A then B Then HOME to Quit.

    What did I just do?
    • Brick proofed your Wii
    • Restored the Trucha Bug
    • Removed all the Stub IOSs from 4.2
    • Patched IOS36

    The next few steps are a lot easier and simpler but have a Sudoku at the ready for when these are installing.

    • First up cIOS38_rev16
    • load it up and select IOS 249
    • Select Network Install
    • Wait
    • Done
    • restart the Wii

    what have i done now?
    • Installed Waninkoko's custom IOS used for booting Games on Non-Nintendo Media (shall we say...)

    Next Hermes cIOS 222 & 223

    Remove all GameCube memory cards and controllers. * This step is very important. Do not ignore it .

    • Start HomeBrew Channel and start the cIOS 222 Installer
    • Read the warning message and push A
    • Select IOS249 to perform the install with D-pad left/right and push A
    • Select to Install Custom IOS 222 and select IOS37 merged with IOS38
    • Wait for download and installation to complete
    • Start HomeBrew Channel and start the cIOS 222 Installer again
    • This time select Custom IOS 223 and select IOS60 merged with IOS38
    • DONE

    All you need to do now is follow a tutorial on the wii flow website on how to install it as a channel
    HINT: WAD-Manager 1.1

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    soooooooo how did it go?

    did it work for u i am really interested thinking of buying an old wii. but if a new one can be softmodded, that's really exciting.

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    Quote Originally Posted by goofygoober View Post
    did it work for u i am really interested thinking of buying an old wii. but if a new one can be softmodded, that's really exciting.
    i buy 1 at walmart for my daughter for chistmas gift by december and when i turn it on it was version 4.0u serial LU70xxxx first i said its not gonna work with backup disk burned on dvd's and i softmoded with the mod here in this wii super forum and with sd card and by surprise i download a game and burned on a dvd and works so lucky ha i got 20 games already burned and woreking without any problems inlcluding modern warfare reflex with any freeze i complete the game with any problems

    here the mod i use

    this site are awsome

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