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Thread: Mario Kart is now only backup that works w/my d2pro 9. Wats the deal?

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    Question Mario Kart is now only backup that works w/my d2pro 9. Wats the deal?

    Okay so I am having trouble with my d2pro 9 and v4c wii clip. Yesterday after installing the chip successfully, I ran Mario Strikers, Top Spin 3, and DBZ Budokai 3 backup discs and they worked great. Then today after running a Mario Kart backup successfully, none of my other backups work (including the ones that had yesterday). It just says "Unable to Read Disc." But surprisingly the Mario Kart backup still works.

    My first impression was that maybe the chip was loose but if that were the case it wouldnt run the Mario Kart backup in the first place -right? I have a US NTSC d2c wii, and I am using Vertabim dvd+r's produced from Taiwan. I did run the system updates on the games when asked and updated my console. I did update Top Spin 3 which was a PAL game, and again it worked up until I put Mario Kart in. Original games are working fine.

    I also went to the d2pro website and burned the v1.4 Utility (Config/Flash Update) Disc, and it loaded Gamecube channel when I clicked on the disc, I hit start and the screen went black and then rebooted, now I believe that is what it is supposed to do. Either way it did not help solve my problem.

    Is there something I am missing here or does anyone have some ideas of how I can solve my problem? and thanks in advance!

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    if i read that right, you installed the update from top spin PAL on a ntsc system? if so then thats your problem, you just semi bricked you wii.

    you really should do research before you go on a downloading/burning spree. I belive there are unbrick utilitys out there so your not completely screwed.
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    Thanks 4 the quick response xiphas.

    To be honest I still don't really understand what this bricking concept means. Is it just the fact that a disc from a different region tried to update incompatible files? Does it have any serious long term damages to the system? Can I just reformat my wii to fix it? And lastly does anyone know of a place to get a reliable unbricking utility?

    From what I've read this problem usually causes difficulties in accessing the wii settings menu, but I am not having this issue. Whats the deal?

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    As xiphas stated you updated your USA NTSC Wii system with European PAL update,which was a pretty bad mistake but your lucky there are un-bricking tools for semi-bricked Wiis (Thanks to bushing) and that your system isn't screwed as others(Fully Bricked = Unrepairable).There's a reason there's different regions for different parts of the world, There's a reason Nintendo doesn't officially distribute PAL systems in America. Just FYI. To let you know You should take that pointer from xiphas about researching before going on a download/burning spree. I have created two steps for you to be back up and running. Hopefully

    Step 1.) Un-brick your Wii. Here is the link for the USA NTSC version of the semi-brick fixer its update version 289. Grab it from here This is the original website for the link to the USA un-bricker Semi-brick fix discs for all three regions (updated) and download the middle one which is for USA NTSC (if you don't trust the link i gave you even though its straight from the website. )
    A.)Burn the disc.
    B.)pop it in
    C.)let it update
    D.) And your ready to go! (From what I read)

    (Side Note) A helpful link on semi-bricking here Homebrew Channel and Wii Unbrick Info Restart

    Step 2.) Download this great tool(Brick Blocker) from the official site WiiBrickBlocker - The official site From now on any game you have use that so now your safe from bricking your Wii. What it does is take out the update from Wii isos so your Wii wont have any way to attempt an update.

    Even though your not having problems with the settings menu to me all it could be is semi-bricked because you updated a NTSC console with a PAL update.

    Sorry for the long post hopefully I explained enough to you and helped you out. Let us know if it works. cheers

    Also Special Thanks to Bushing for the semi-brick fixing discs and for all he contributed to the scene.
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    I use WIU, which is a brickblocker and region override program all in one.

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    I dont know what to do now, I burned the iso you sent me. burned three copies of it actually and still I keep recieving the message "Unable to read the disc" -I still don't understand why Mario Kart continues to work but none of the others. Its on the same media, burned in the same way. Do you guys think it is a good idea to try and reformat my wii to fix this problem and do you see any issues with doing so while having a modchip installed? I just want 2 play some games already! -N again thanks 4 the help.

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    I could be wrong but I am fairly sure that if what is causing your problem is the result of running a PAL firmware update on your NTSC Wii console then reformating the system memory will most likely not help since the firmware is not stored in the system memory.

    What software are you using to burn the ISO's and what speed are you burning at?
    In the Wii Settings menu what does it say your firmware version is?

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    Okay so I checked my firmware (which I believe is located at the top right corner in the wii system settings menu) and it says "ver. 3.3U." And when I try and run a Wii system update it says "there are no updates available since already has current software."

    I am using imgburn at x4 and have tried x2 for some. I have Verbatim dvd+r from Taiwan. Now I know people argue these are not the most reliable media, and I may try to get the ones from Japan or Singapore just to make sure this is not the issue. I just don't want to shell out more money if there is still the possibility I am semi-bricked and these backups won't work anyways.

    Today I did notice that I had to insert my Mario Kart backup once or twice to load properly. So maybe I will get lucky and find it is merely the shitty discs I am using (thank you taiwan). For now I see this as my most promising move.

    On a side note you guys don't think "Format Wii System Memory" would do the trick? I only ask cuz a lot of people who say they have a semi-brick system are having problems with their wii menus and accessing their wii system settings. In my case none of that has been affected.

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    On a side note I have been in contact with Al from Canadamods and he suggested this method of fixing my problem:

    "Put in a backup that works (mario kart), then put in an original ntsc disc
    eject it after initialization, then put it back in again and load it up.

    Basically, all the customer needs to do after they've installed the chip
    on an NTSC console is try to load an any-region backup. The fact that it is
    a backup will then activate d2pro which will immediately detect the fact
    that the region setting in the chip doesn't match the drive, which will
    cause it to fallback to the same mode they are in when you receive them.

    After that, an original own-region (in the case of this example, NTSC)
    disc can be inserted twice (as per the usual instructions for activating
    the region auto-detect) and everything will then work fine."

    Unfortunately this did not do the trick. He also mentioned it could be the poor media. Do you guys know a good place to find Verbatim from Jap or Singapore, and preferably a store I can just run in and buy (I'm horribly impatient after the long shipping of my modchip and triwing). I found my Taiwan Verbatim at Best Buy. And last question will it make a big difference if I go with DVD+R over DVD-R?

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    most go with -R but it makes no difference, whatever works for you

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