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Thread: Took apart my wii and.........

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    Ca Took apart my wii and.........

    Is this the D2C? Just ordered a D2Pro9 V2 + V4C WiiClip.
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    yes it is a d2c or d2c2. See how it says gc2-d2c , the last 3 letters/digits tell you the chipset type.

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    Ya I know...just wana make sure. Also dont have that "clip" on the drive either. If this Wii-clip doesn't work can one of you modders take it off and solder it on with wires? I think I m close to Modderman or someone else who says he's a mod on this board and his link is down

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    How do you tell if it's uncut or not? What does uncut mean?

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    Quote Originally Posted by dmak View Post
    How do you tell if it's uncut or not? What does uncut mean?
    un·cut Pronunciation[uhn-kuht]

    1. not cut.
    2. not shortened or condensed; unabridged: an uncut version of the play.
    3. in the original form; neither reduced in size nor given shape, as a diamond.
    4. not diluted or mixed with other substances: uncut heroin.
    5. Bookbinding. untrimmed (def. 2).
    6. Slang. not circumcised.

    I would go with 1


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