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Thread: Error 1053

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    Error 1053

    Got wii at Christmas, what the chances of it being the drive gettin error 1053 when i put disc in using 4.1e and done dogeegs tutorial which seems to be fine. This is the first game iv tried Avatar dl from ip torrents only got 2 Verbatim x4 discs, waiting on some coming. Any ideas guys ? Would it be easier to use a flash stick/drive ? If so how do I go about doing this ?

    PS read the error 1053 thread but it was a diff problem from mine guy had to reinstall homebrew

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    If you were able to use any backup disks, you don't have that chip. There is a bad iso on the web of that avatar game.

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    your using the wrong media type

    and / or possibly to fast

    a rule of thumb, - 2.0 x speed , always use DVD-R

    Everyone says use Verbatim, but I have found that Staples 50/Pack 4.7GB DVD-R, Spindle | StaplesŪ work great

    I got that same error when i tried using anything other then DVD-R
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    Try another game and burn the at low speeds on Verbatim DVD-R. There's a chance you have a D3-2 Drive which prevents DVDR Backup loading. As it stands, it seems you do indeed have a D3-2 Drive.

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    Could be D3-2, more and more Wiis are coming with these now. D3-2 will not work with backup discs.

    Check your serial against Wii Drive Chip Database should only need 6 or 7 digits.

    There are guides aplenty for using USB loaders so we won't get into that here.
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    Thanks, not enough data on my wii for chipset is the reply ? Will try 1 more game then go for hdd


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