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Thread: Stuck!!!Help w/priiloader & hacks.ini please

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    Angry Stuck!!!Help w/priiloader & hacks.ini please

    Subbed out SDHC with SD card, copied Messie hack.ini onto SD, put SD into wii, pressed reset + on from wii console to go to Priiloader. Moved down to hack selection menu pick.

    Still says no hacks available. HELP!!!!!

    Need troubleshooting help to get past this step.

    I want to proceed, but won't until N auto update and other hacks are loaded (want to avoid bricking).

    Thanks to all for your help so far.

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    on 4.2 ? its not compatible - get start patch :3 - StartPatch - WiiBrew easy to use, downloads and instructions on the page

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    what is not compatible?

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