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Thread: Recognizing your Wii Mod Chip

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    Recognizing your Wii Mod Chip

    Hey guys/gals

    I got my Wii Modded this past Friday. My wii is the newest version which was purchased after May of 2008. The person modded my Wii with the D2Pro9 V1 and flashed to the V2. He also explained to me that once you open your Wii there is like a sticker which voids your warranty once you opened it. That he had re-inserted the sticker for warranty purposes and if i were to open it the sticker will rip and voids the warrnty. The way he modded my Wii which will make it undetectable from a mod chip was ever installed. My question is,is this true about a sticker that NINTENDO added and is there a Software for this i can just insert into my WII which show me the specs of the MOD CHIP i have installed in My Wii. Thanks in adavnce

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    yeah i think every console has that sticker i remember taking it off when i got my first psp faceplate. im not so sure about the second thing you mentioned
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    I got mine April 15 and the only thing I saw was this and the little white stickers covering the screws on the outside of the case. One of the MODers could confirm?
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    from what i know wii do not have a warrenty sticker

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    I don't think they do either. Hmmm.


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