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Thread: FS: Wii with installed Wiikey Bundle

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    FS: Wii with installed Wiikey $399.00

    For sale is a like new Wii with installed WiiKey in original box.

    Also includes the following:
    2 Remotes, 2 Numchucks, 1 Gamecube Controller and Gambecube memory stick.

    Wii Games: Twilight Princess, WiiPlay, and WiiSports
    Gamecube Games: Zelda Wind Waker, and Metroid Prime

    Also includes HD Wii Cable and charging kit.

    Plus: Several other Wii games. PM me for list.

    Asking $350.00 including shipping, payment through Paypal.

    PM me if you have any questions.
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    Items are still up for sale. Thank you.

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    Still for sale??

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    Yes, that is corrected. PM'd you.

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    Quote Originally Posted by KidKaos View Post
    Yes, that is corrected. PM'd you.

    I did not get you PM..Please email me

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    Item still for sale as of 11/14/2008

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    Are the games backups or originals? Is it still for sale?


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