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Thread: Afraid of bricking Wii with New Super Mario Bros.

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    Afraid of bricking Wii with New Super Mario Bros.

    I currently have my 4.1E Wii softmodded - everything works perfectly. I recently bought New Super Mario Bros. and when I put it in to play it, it says I must perform a system update in order to play. What do I do? This game is a perfectly legal copy but I don't want to upgrade to 4.2.


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    Not positive, as I'm relatively new to this myself, but if you're softmodded, do you have preloader (priiloader) installed? If so, you can set it to disable disc updates.

    Also, NSMB is super small (about 400mb), so you could use a usb loader and rip it even to an SD card and play it that way also.

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    install the IOS from the NSMB guide.

    Block updates with preloader or another loader.

    NSMB has 4.1, NOT 4.2


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