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    Wii Help Please

    My son has just had a Wii for Xmas and I've been spending many hours looking at loads of forums of either softmoding or chipping his Wii. At the moment i am not sure if his Wii can be softmoded as according to what i've read, the serial no. from his Wii means there is no DVD Drive chip installed. Does this mean he can only load games via a USB loader. To be honest there is so much info out there its hard to know to do so, I would appreciate any help in the form of suggestions, or web sites with very easy to understand tutorials. Thanking you all in advance

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    All wiis can be softmodded. Check what firmware you have by going into the Wii Settings from the Main Menu. Your firmware should be in the upper right corner.

    3.1 to 4.1:


    All wii consoles can use a USB Loader to load from USB HDD. The Wiis with D3-2 Drives cannot load DVDR backups, use the Wii Drive database to see what kind of Drive you have.

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    many thanks for the threads


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