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Thread: softmod wii 3.2u updated to 4.2u by an idiot

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    softmod wii 3.2u updated to 4.2u by an idiot

    i had a softmod 3.2u which was originally done with twilight hack.
    cioscorp is installed and was updated enough to play NSMB from drive and dvd.
    a friend wanted to show me somthing online with it, i left the room for 2 mins.
    returned to see my wii being updated by nintendo to system 4.2u.
    obviously hbc is gone. but ciox corp and wads that were installed work.
    but almsost everything else fails.
    boot mii
    wad manager
    all the bannerbomb hacks for 4.2
    everything fails or freezes.

    what is the best course of action to get back to a place that this thing wont brick. and i can have the hbc back. and not have everything crash. any help is greatly appreciated. ive done about 5 4.2 hack guides and the all dont work.

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    at present there is no way to downgrade from 4.2 , I suggest a complete reinstall of hbc and everything using the 4.2 guide here

    Its very easy, I used that guide my self and have had no problems playing anything on 4.2 u , even works for backups

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    remember to launch the banerbomb from the sd icon on you system menu screen and not from data management like the older firmware wiis. i got caught out like that the first time i done a 4.2

    would help if i would read what was in front of me loll

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    i have tried this guide
    at A2
    it loads the warning, i hit ok, it takes me to a list of my sd card.
    if i manually select boot.elf it loads the black screen warning.
    but after the text goes away nothing ever comes and the remote shuts off.
    since it shows me my sd card i try to run other things like wad manager, ect,
    they all boot, but freeze when you try and do anything.
    things already installed like cioscorp and backup lancher still work. but no hbc.
    do i need to format sys memory and start clean or will that not do anythingg?

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    ooh.. maybe nintendo snuck a new version of 4.2 u in? ;/ no idea what to tell you.. hope you can get it resolved

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    There are various packs there for you to try. if none of those work, go to the guide on how to get a cios on 4.2.

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    Softmod for ANY 4.2 Wii! I used this one and everything runs fine. I took my wii out of the box, connected to internet (updated to 4.2 like an idiot), then found this site. I was trying a few other older mods and couldn't get them to work. I just formatted my sd, deleted HBC from my wii, and started from scratch using this updated mod. Again Evrything on mine is perfect. Thanks Wiihacks!!!

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    PASSWORD FOR ALL PACKS IS Wiihacks - Wii Hacking Discussion

    If you're not on 4.2, Do NOT Update, instead use this tutorial

    This is for people stuck on 4.2 with no cIOS. Make sure your sd card is formatted to FAT32 or FAT16 and download this pack, Unzip the pack and place the files and folders onto the root of your sd card. Your sd card should like this:


    Step 1 - Installing Homebrew Channel and Bootmii

    a. On your wii's main menu, click the SD Menu icon. Afterwards, insert the SD Card into the Wii. A Pop up saying Load boot.dol/elf? should appear. Select Yes.

    b. The Hackmii Installer should now run. Make sure to install Homebrew Channel and Bootmii as an IOS and/or boot2. Always install it as boot2 if your wii can.

    Step 2 - Restoring The Bug Into IOS36

    a) Load and Homebrew Channel and run DOP-IOS MOD, on the IOS Selection Screen, press down on the d-pad then A on the wiimote. You should now be in the trucha bug restorer portion of DOP-IOS MOD. Load IOS36 and select Downgrade IOS15. Each time it asks, select 'Load From NUS'
    Make sure you get no errors. If Loading IOS36 doesn't work for this step, press B for no IOS reload when asked to load IOS.

    b) Run DOP-IOS MOD again, on the IOS Selection Screen, press down on the d-pad and press A. Load IOS15 and choose IOS36 Menu. Make sure to install the patched IOS36 with all these patches selected:
    Install IOS to slot (36)
    Hash Check (trucha) Yes
    ES_Identify Yes
    NAND Permissions Yes

    Then Press A on Install Patched IOS36. Again, everytime it asks, choose 'Load from NUS'

    c) Re-run DOP-IOS MOD one more time, on the IOS Selection screen, press down on the d-pad and then A on the wiimote. Press B for 'No IOS Reload' and select Restore IOS15. Each time it asks, select 'Load from NUS'

    Once done, return to homebrew channel and continue the tutorial

    Step 3 - Delete The Stubbed IOS

    a)Re-run Homebrew Channel and Load Any Title Deleter DB. If you get any errors just press A. Then select System Titles and press A. Then, select IOS222 and press A to delete. Do the same for IOS223, IOS249 and IOS250.

    Step 4 - Installing cIOS249-rev14

    3) Re-run Homebrew Channel and load cIOS38-rev14 Installer. Choose IOS36 and press A and then choose Network Install (requires wi-fi) or Wad Install and press A.

    cIOS38 (IOS249) Installed.

    Step 5 - Install and Patch A Few More IOS

    a) Load up homebrew, then load up DOP-IOS MOD. Load IOS36 or IOS249, browse for the IOS, Navigate to IOS53, press A to install and say yes for Sig Hash Check (Trucha Bug). Do the same for IOS55. Next press home to return to homebrew channel.

    b) Load up homebrew channel once more, then load up WAD Manager. Load IOS249, navigate to the wad folder, highlight IOS60patched.wad and press A. Make sure action is set to install and Install the wad. After a successful install, Press Home to go back to homebrew channel. Do the same for IOS70patched.wad. Make Sure the action is Set to INSTALL!

    (Optional) Step 6 - Hermes' IOS222 and IOS223

    a) Load Homebrew Channel and then WAD Manager
    b) Use default settings (IOS249 and SD Card), browse into the wad folder. Highlight cIOS202[38+60].wad and press A. Set the action to install and install it. Do the same for cIOS222[38].wad and cIOS223[38+37].wad

    Step 7 - Installing Priiloader (Brick Protection and System Hacks)

    a) Before continuing, you'll need the hacks.ini file for your region, go here and copy and paste the codes in the box for your 4.2 region into notepad and save it as "hacks.ini". Move the hacks.ini file onto the root.

    b) Load Homebrew Channel and run Priiloader v0.3 or v0.2 installer.

    c) Press + on the wiimote to install.

    d) Your wii should reboot into Priiloader after the installation. Go to System Menu Hacks and enable 'Skip Disc update Checking' and any other hacks you would like, select 'Save Settings' when finish. Press B on the wiimote to go back to the main menu, next go to Settings and use the d-pad to set Autoboot: System Menu. Then select Save Settings. Press B to go back to the main menu. If you get any problems, look here

    e) In the main menu, select homebrew channel to load the homebrew channel and proceed with Step 7.

    Step 8 - Backup Launchers

    a) Load WAD Manager from Homebrew Channel, navigate into the wad folder and highlight either USB_Loader_GX_r815.wad or Neogamma_r8b7.wad. Neogamma for Disc loading and USB Loader for USB HDD loading.

    b) Press A on the wiimote and set action to Install WAD. Give it time to install with no errors.

    c) Press Home on the wiimote to exit. You are all ready to enjoy your wii.


    Prepare you USB HDD to load through USB Loader GX - here

    Install cIOS56 to play Guitar Hero 5/Beatles from the disc channel - Download

    Install the new cIOScorp 3.6 for DVDR loading through Disc Channel - (works on all wiis) - Download - make sure you read the readme!

    Install the Internet Channel - NTSC-U, PAL or NTSC-J

    Use your Wii as a media player with MPlayer CE & DVDX

    Get some emulators for all your old favourites (better than vc except for N64)


    You need to use either Verbatim DVD-R or Ritek G05 DVD-R for your games, most other discs won't work. Have a look at our disc section for more info.

    Also note, if your console came with 4.2, there's a chance you'll have a D3-2 Drive which will not load DVDR Backups.

    Credit to: Team Twizzers, Tona, Marc, Comex, WiiPower, Hermes & Waninkoko
    Special Thanks to DogEggs (The Entire 'Extra Stuff' Section is all his)
    Made Specially and Only For =D

    -If this method didn't work, messie guide should do it.

    -If this did or did not work please leave feedback.


    WinRAR ImgBurn WAD Manager v1.5 Priiloader v0.3 (rev45) cIOS38-rev14

    Come Join Us On iRC

    Sorry for the superpost, I couldn't get the link to work. I have this saved in my favs.

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    How do you fix the 002 error on New Mario Bro, Mario Cart, after I copied it to hdd. Will not play from hdd. All the 002 fixes that I have found is for dvd backup.

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