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Thread: wiikey resquests

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    wiikey resquests

    Hi everyone ! i have some doubt about wii key, and some problems. How can i know wich wiikey its on my videogame, 1 or 2, because i want to upload my system, i tried the 1.9 for wiikey1 but doesnt work, or im making wrong, i need tutorial for that too.

    And....i tried play the new super mario bros for wii, my system has upload, and now i cant get access at Wii Settings page, show a message- address "marc:FIX/ENG/index01.html" unavailable, to make sure if is write right, or the system is connect in the internet, and that i have to contact OPERA system for troubleshooting.

    Can someone help me ?

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    You need to open the wii up and look at the chip to see what it is.

    You ran a disk update with a disk that was not of your region.


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