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Thread: grid went away in USB Loader GX

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    grid went away in USB Loader GX

    Was demonstrating different display options for USB loader to my wife and clicked on favorites, displaying just one thing that I had as a favorite. When I went back to grid mode, I don't get it anymore. I have 30+ games, but all I get is a single row of games displayed. No more grid now (with two rows instead of one). The grid icon is still on the top, but I don't get what I used to.

    I tried downloading a different theme, but don't know how to enable it, so I couldn't even use that.

    Anyone have any ideas?

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    push either up or down on wiimote d pad to change the view

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    That was it!! Thanks! So simple, but I couldn't find that anywhere. Now I even know why it happened - wasn't enough favorites to support the full grid listing so it reverted to the one line.

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    how many games do you need for 2 and 3 row display in grid? thanks


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