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Thread: Can the contents of a Wii DVD (partitions) be viewed?

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    Question Can the contents of a Wii DVD (partitions) be viewed?


    Can the contents of a Wii game disc be viewed in any way? Obviously the disc would need to be read on a compatible drive or an image created in some other way first. But i've seen people stating things like they have seen "a lot of .WAD's on a disc update partition" etc.

    It would definitely be handy to see what updates a game actually contains, so we can decide whether or not it's safe or not. I'm aware the update partition can be patched so a disc update never takes place, but i'd like to view it if possible.

    Thanks as always

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    Use a program called Wiiscrubber. This will show you the entire contents of a wii iso, and allow you to remove the update partition or extract/replace individual files. You'll need the digital iso though.

    There were only 4 drives that could read wii dvds, but they're all out of production and really old / hard to come by.
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    Ahh right. I have that. Just haven't used it/didn't know it could do that. Thanks

    Knew about the drives though. I have an 8082N slim.

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