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Thread: Wii Solderless ModChip D2CKey - Not Working?

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    Wii Solderless ModChip D2CKey - Not Working?

    Hi Guys,

    I don't use the Wii that ofter, but a few months ago I installed the Wii Solderless ModChip D2CKey and it worked great. It's been about 5 months or so since I used the wii, now my "Backup" Copies will not work. Is there some kind of update or something??

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    d2ckey is not solderless nless u have a wii clip, if the wii cant read them anymore maybe open up ur wii and see if u wii clip is still in place. d2ckey cannot be updatd, d2pro has not had an update since nov 2008. But I heard wii clips move sometimes, but mines soldered all 26 wires. So id open up and see if its in place.


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