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Thread: wiiware .Wad games installation question

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    wiiware .Wad games installation question

    Im loving this site and all the info, Got so much info off of everyone and really appreciate all the time you people take, So thanks again!

    I have a question about .wad files, I downloaded 5 games from a wiiware package (Bomberman Blast is the one I really wanted) and was just curious as to how to install them, Do I simply put them on my SD card and install that way, or is there a way I can install on my harddrive? (Went out and bought a 250 gig, Works great!)

    Thanks for any info =)

    Oh, Guess you may need a little info, I have

    Wii softmod 4.2
    Homebrew channel
    Use USB loader gx for the games on the HDD
    Wad manager is installed on the SD aswell

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    Just put them on your sd card and install them with wad manager. When you install a .wad it will give you a channel for the game you installed then you can remove the .wad files off of the sd card.
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    make sure you ar4e brick proofed with priilaoder tho

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    Quote Originally Posted by messie View Post
    make sure you ar4e brick proofed with priilaoder tho
    Hey what do you mean by brick proofed??

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    Hey what do you mean by brick proofed??
    Improperly formed .wad files can bannerbrick your wii. Get your .wad files from a trusted source, and above all, install priiloader. THIS 4.2 Softmod Tutorial explains how get priiloader up and running; refer to steps D6 and D7.

    Priiloader can save you from a bannerbrick if it ever happens.


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