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Thread: Unable to patch IOS36 - Help needed!

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    Unhappy Unable to patch IOS36 - Help needed!

    My Wii has system menu 4.0U and has HBC installed. I am following the thread to softmod. Everything works fine till step 3.a. In 3.b when using TBR to patch IOS36, after selecting 'YES' for all 3 patches, Wii does not respond to buttons A or 1. It wont proceed to next step asking to use SD card or network. TBR is not hung or Wii DOES NOT crash at this point. It still responds to Dpad to toggle yes or no for the patches and B button to cancel TBR and go back to HBC. Only buttons A or 1 doesnt see to respond to proceed with the patch. I have tried

    - turning off Wii and restarting from TBR to patch IOS36
    - turning off Wii and restarting from downgrade IOS15 again and then patch IOS36
    - downgrade IOS15 multiplte times before trying to patch IOS36 etc

    None of these worked. Downgrade to IOS15 ver 257 is ALWAYS SUCCESSFUL.

    Since Wii is not crashing and TBR is still responding to Dpad, I wonder i am doing something wrong. But cant figure it out. Please help!!

    I am using a Easystore 8 GB SDHC card and it has always worked well for loading apps, taking NAND backup etc

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    Anyone got a suggestion? I am stuck with the soft mod. I know its kinda stange problem and has searched all threads for similar issue..None!

    Provided now I have a dowgraded IOS15 and unpatched IOS36, is there a way to proceed with the soft mod?

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    If you had searched the thread for the tutorial you are actually following, you will see that your SD card is causing the problem. Re-read the tutorial for the recommendation for SD cards. SD, not SDHC, best is no larger than 2GB SD.

    If you are using the tutorial, why aren't you posting in the correct tutorial thread as opposed to here?

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    Thank you! A 2 GB SanDisk SD card worked just fine :-)
    I posted here as the original thread was growing too big and also a sticky. Wondered if somebody will look there to help me out.

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