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Thread: need help!! wii with 4.2 firmware

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    need help!! wii with 4.2 firmware

    Hi all!!

    I wiil explain my situation...

    I recently got the Summer Sports Party game for the wii. As my wii was in firm. version 3.2 (or 3.4, don't remember for sure), I needed to apply a system update in order to play the game. As I have my wii softmodded, with usb loader and backup loader working, I didn't apply the update so I would not brick the console.

    So I thought about updating the firmware using Waninkoko's firmware-updater 4.2. All went ok, but the game still asked for a system update.

    Then, I saw your tutorial on how to make the console virgin again. Seemed like a nice idea, so I gave it a try... But could not pass step A, because after downgrading to 3.2 and updating back to 4.1, the Wii restarted with a black screen... No worries, fortunately I have bootmii/boot2 and could load hbc and downgrade back to 3.2.

    What I want is to play the game and if possible, have the console with the latest firmware possible with at least usb loader working... what should I do?

    Please help me!!!!

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    So explain to me why exactly this is a Bricked issue? Sounds more like a 'I can't play Game x issue'

    Edit: Decided I don't really care about your excuse and just send you to the Reading Room for a week instead, I hear the view from there is great this time of year.
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    Just because my wii bricks when I try to install the 4.1 firmware. But feel free to move it somewhere else if it fits better.

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    Quote Originally Posted by pjam View Post
    Just because my wii bricks when I try to install the 4.1 firmware. But feel free to move it somewhere else if it fits better.
    We will move this the General Homebrew/hack issues.

    Since you did brick, I will tell you why, and what you should do. But you are not bricked, so be sure to post in the appropriate location.

    Why did your wii brick? You bricked because your 4.2 update installed a stubbed ios50 and ios60. Now it does suprise me that Waninkoko's 4.2 updater would install any stubbed ios, but perhaps it did, or perhaps you stated on 4.2 and then downgraded to 3.2. Regardless, the stubbed ios are your issue.

    What should you do to fix? Ok, so you want to play your game.
    Ok, backup and format your sd-card with this tool
    download, and extract to sd:\
    IOS70-64-v6687 [Patched][FreeTheBug].zip
    Save all wads to sd:\wad
    Download and extract to sd:\
    Download system menu 4.2, for your region
    Save to sd:\wad
    Extract to sd:\

    Load wadmanager from HBC, or bannerbomb
    Use ios249
    Install ios 38, 50, 53, 55, 60, and 70 FIRST
    Install system menu 4.2
    Load HBC
    Install preloader
    Hold reset, and reboot- keep holding reset
    Click hacks, enable:
    Block disk update,
    Block online updates
    Remove diagnostic disk check

    Reboot and test your game

    Be sure to read:
    Brick Prevention- Things you should never do

    If any game loads to black screen, you will need to identify which ios it uses and install it with wadmanager.
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