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Thread: Unable to use Priiloader Menu - Scrolling/Blinking Screen

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    Unable to use Priiloader Menu - Scrolling/Blinking Screen

    Hi Guys,

    Following the "New 3.1-4.1 Softmod for ANY Wii" tutorial, I made the mistake of installing Priiloader before upgrading to 4.1, but it was working fine in my 3.4U system.

    It was after upgrading to 4.1, that the Priiloader menu screen seem to flash/scroll/blink making it unusable.

    I tried to uninstall Priiloader and installing it again but it has the same result.

    Any suggestion is greatly appreciated.

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    did you install ios60 patched? reinstall the system menu and then priiloader

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    I installed ios60-patched prior to my first priiloader install.

    I tried to run the 4.1 System Menu Updater to re-install the system menu but it exists since I already have 4.1 so I have not reinstall the system menu. Any suggestion?

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    install it as a wad with wadmanager. ge it fro nusdownload or aqround the forum, mst be somewhere

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    Thanks Messie! I am ready to roll now, I just need to know in WAD Manager which IOS Version should I select? By default it is IOS249.


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    yes ios 249 is the one. make sure you have the correct version and region or you will brick

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    Fixed! Thanks a lot for all your help.


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