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Thread: D2sun 1.3 or 1.5

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    Cool D2sun 1.3 or 1.5

    Hi m8,s got a hard modded wii for my son over 18 month ago, working fine, except 1 or 2 games, Conduit & Call of Duty & now Baryard, we run them through external USB HD with the menu USB loader GX & Wii Flow. we have over 70 games on it & 1 by 1 there starting to give errors & not working, funny enough they were working a week ago, I 've 4.1e & was thinking of upgrading to 4.2, but after reading through here, I think I will hold of a bit until a concret solution appears.

    Happy new year to all.

    After looking around here & the net. I can't remember who but an m8 from here had a link to which works with Homebrew, loaded it worked excellent, thx m8, cheers
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