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Thread: SSBB disc error

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    SSBB disc error

    This has probably been asked hundreds of times....
    When I insert my backup of Super Smash Brother Brawl, the screen goes black and comes with there error
    ''an error has ocurred, blah, blah, etc''
    I have restarted it many times just for it to come up with this screen immediatly even if I don't click the game disc channel, whats wrong??
    It's not the disc, im downloading a single disc version for dvd-R hoping that it may fix it, does anyone have a solution??

    (does gecko os fix it or is that some random thing I found)

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    i've also hva almost the same issue and laso know that it was probaly answered or questioned alot of times but....

    im using PAL wii with Wiikey 1.9s in 4.1e console and after 5 minutes of playing, it goes black and says: an eror has occurred.....

    i would be se much glad if some1 could get me a safety and easy solution wich has been tested and confirmed



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