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Thread: which new super mario wii

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    which new super mario wii

    i am trying to find an iso file of new super mario wii that will work on my wii

    i have done the soft mod using the guide of here and i am trying to launch it using neogamma but it starts to load the send me back to me system menu.

    can anyone tell me were i can find a copy that will work?

    many thanks

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    if you an unpatched iso file just use this LINK

    download thew fiile and unrar it. then put your iso in the folder with the extracted files. change the name of your iso from whatever .iso it is to qf-nsmbw.iso and then run the .exe file. it worked perfect for me

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    how do i know if its patched or not?

    i normally get the games from and hippyfreaks iso list

    which one should i get? and would i still need to patch it?

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    if the iso name itself doesnt say patched or fixed, odds are its not.

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    Follow the guide by dave pm or pet1 to get it to work


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