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Thread: Black screen when loading original discs?

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    Question Black screen when loading original discs?

    Hi everyone I'm pretty new to this site so would like to thank anybody in advance for any help I receive as it is greatly appreciated

    I purchased my New black Wii online, it came with loader gx and around 70 back up games + originals which are Sports, Sport resort & wii fit & board but I cannot load these discs, the console recognises they are there as they show up but when I click to load the screen just goes black and I have to reset to regain fuctionality.

    I mean the drive should work with originals despite having a usb loader installed right as the Wii was for my GF this christmas she really wanted wii fit but unfortunately unlike the other two discs it is not on the hard drive. I just need to know if this company should be fixing this for me as they are pretty well known in these circles or for this kind of equiptment.

    Two more questions, If I download the game from a torrent site do I just have to copy it to my HD or is there more to it than that as I guess if I can load it from back up then its not the end of the world

    also I worked out how to fix the 002 error but I guess with games such as New super mario Bros when I get the green screen there is no fix built into the Loader Gx am I correct? will this game eventually be released so it can work on my current loader? Thats why I guess a working drive is needed as some games don't seem so reliable running from back up but I still don't understand why originals will not work?

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    which systemmenu do you have, and which cios rev is installed?
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    Quote Originally Posted by DragonFlly25 View Post
    which systemmenu do you have, and which cios rev is installed?
    Hi i'll find out later when I can regain control of the TV


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