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Thread: D2c key help

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    D2c key help

    Hi can anyone help me, approx year half ago chipped my wii with
    the wii solderless modchip D2C Key my wii version is currently 3.4E
    pal system as we live in the UK i have never had problems playing backups before until now, read
    and tried the guide for super mario bros but still didn't work is there
    a safe way to update my wii to a 4.2 version (which i think is the latest) and will this sort out
    any problems with current game releases like the mario one any
    information would be grateful

    thanx in advance ryan21

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    To play New Super Mario Bros. Wii on a modchip, you'll need a patched iso and you'll need to install IOS53 and you're system menu IOS with the sig hash check (trucha bug)

    You'll need DOP-IOS MOD to patch your IOS which means you'll need to softmod your wii if you haven't already.

    This tutorial shows you how to make your own patched version:

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