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Thread: Diabolik: Original Sin Pal on a USA system buggin out

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    Question Diabolik: Original Sin Pal on a USA system buggin out

    Ok I was checking out Diabolik The Original Sin game on the Wii and found it but only the PAL version, but I've gotten PAL games to work on my NeoGamma r7 and r8. Sometymes I have to use different setting for each one but they normal work, changing it from Default or whatever to NTSC480i or p...

    ANYWHO, when I try it with Diabolik the screen just flickers, some freeze the game/system the resest resets the system. So idk.. any help?

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    Same here. I'm loading it from an external HD and right when the game starts up (the safety screen) it starts flickering. I'm NTSC and the Diabolik I have is PAL

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    Looks like a nice game. Almost like phantasmagoria, I found some info online about component cables that I already have. I'm dl the game now and will let you know if it works. I have a NTSC, 3.4u modded with wiikey and updated to 4.1u with USB and wii flow. I'll try the USB and the CD to see if it works either way and get back to you guys.

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    I downloaded the game, but wasn't able to get it to load at all using WiiFlow. Not sure what options need to be checked so I couldn't confirm if the Composite cables make a difference or not. If anyone has the correct settings in WiiFlow let me know and i'll check to see if the cables fix the video issue.

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    Has anyone tried IOSPatching it yet to 247? Then burning it or USB loading it, etc.. ? Does the IOSPatch program work the same on PAL games? And how do u know when they are needed

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    I heard that in order to fix the scrolling, flickering, or bugging out on a strict PAL game is to get a universal HDTV that plays both PAL and NTSC. If you have one or a buddy I would love this theory tested and confirmed or denied if it works or not. THX SLAKUR

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