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    Question #002 error


    I've posted this post earlyer today but it seems to be gone...

    I've loaden NSMB into Neogamma, started the game but I received an 002 ERROR...

    I've searched this forum for answers but couldn't find any solutions that occured to me!

    I've downloaded 'GAmma 002 fix' but I couldn't figure out how to work with it...
    I've searched into the settings of Neogamma, but I couldn't find a thing.

    Please Help

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    not sure if neo gamma has it but there should be a 002 fix under options when you go to launch the game.

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    Not sure what you searched for, but there is a entire section just for NSMB and the error your getting.

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    I figured it out for myself and I solved it by downloading a new version of neogamma and I've updated my cIOS and now everything is alright but thx for your responses!

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